Here’s the story:

A few years ago, Bill was asked by his son for help filling out his brackets for March Madness.

Now, Bill hadn’t filled out a bracket in a couple of decades. However, he relished the chance to connect with his son … and to reconnect with a game he loved.

Bill got busy. He went on the internet to look at the odds … to gather information … and to learn how others picked their teams.

And he was surprised to discover lots of facts, figures and statistics displayed in a manner remarkably similar to the investment data he looked at every day when making investment decisions.

Unfortunately, Bill didn’t know how to use any of it to help his son. The best he could do was to pick the favorites. And that’s never a good betting strategy — especially when it comes to March Madness.

However, the experience got him wondering if anybody had figured out a way to use all that sports data to make money picking winners on a consistent basis — the way Bill used financial data to pick winning stocks on Wall Street.

The Great Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Rip-Off

Betting in Vegas

Bill scoured the internet, read as many books as he could get his hands on and even flew to Vegas to check out several casino sports books, and to browse the books at the famous Gamblers Book Shop. (Yes, as you can see, Bill can be a bit obsessive when something catches his fancy.)

But instead of finding the “Warren Buffett of Sports Betting,” all he found were lousy betting strategies based on little more than instinct, educated guesses and hunches.

None of them worked with any consistency — though many of them cost $1,000 to $2,000 a year.

He also came across countless “experts” selling sketchy sports picks. One of them had quite a nifty scam going, telling half their customers that Team A would win, and the other half that Team B would win, thus guaranteeing half their customers would be back, happy to pay for more picks.

Talk about your blatant rip-offs. That one might just take the cake.

And don’t get Bill started on the losses piled up by daily fantasy players. You’re practically guaranteed to lose money time and time again playing those games.

In fact, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, most of the fantasy prize money ends up in the hands of relatively few players. They’re often guys who use sophisticated software and automated tools to submit hundreds or even thousands of entries every week!

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Sports betting – a safer, more profitable way of investing

making money on sports bets

He couldn’t find a sound, scientific sports betting system
so he created one himself

In the end, Bill realized that he was pursuing something that simply didn’t exist (yet). Nobody it seemed offered a reliable, scientific system that could deliver game winners with enough consistency for the average sports bettor to make any money at all — let alone big money.

Remarkably, the investment world had once been much the same — a mecca for gamblers, speculators and manipulators. That is, until a guy named Benjamin Graham came along in the 1930s and showed investors a disciplined, scientific way to find winning stocks. Wall Street was forever changed for the better.

Bill began to wonder if he could use his investment expertise and his love for data and numbers to do something similar for sports betting. He dreamed of creating a disciplined and businesslike system that the Average Joe could use to win money consistently betting on the sports they loved.

And not just making a few dollars here and there — but real money. Enough money to actually make a difference in your life.

So Bill launched an almost-obsessive 18-month quest to make it happen.

He fed massive amounts of historical sports data into his score prediction models and ran thousands of simulations. His goal: to find the statistics that really makes a difference when it comes to picking winners. And just as important, the statistics that makes no difference at all.

It’s a process similar to what’s done Wall Street whenever some financial wizard wants to test a new investment strategy.

Not surprisingly, when Bill’s Wall Street friends heard what he was doing, they laughed in his face. They refused to believe that sports betting could be anything more than a game of random chance.

However, Bill got the last laugh. That’s because when all was said and done, he discovered that when you use the right statistics in the right way, it’s practically a no-brainer to pick the winner a bare minimum of 60% of the time.

Now, anyone can take full advantage of Bill’s system and the clear guidance he provides — and avoid the costly mistakes that break so many bettors — your winning percentage can easily rise to 65% … 70% … and even 75%.

That’s more than enough to make serious money — six figures a year even — betting on sports.

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