Get In and Win System
Get In and Win Sports Betting System

The Get in and Win Weekly stats represent the average per game, using all games played so far during the season. As I have always said, you “can” gather and aggregate these stats yourself, to put into my proprietary Get in and Win Score Sheets. But honestly, I have been doing this for years, and have a system (no pun intended) that helps me to do this, without having to spend hours upon hours getting and analyzing data. So, if you are not getting my Weekly Stats, and are finding yourself spending too much time doing it yourself, you may find the extra $49 per month (which gets you my Weekly Stats, Weekly Huddle and Weekly Two Minute Warning) worth it.

I developed the Get In and Win System to provide an inside look at how a thoughtful sports wagering system works, and most importantly, to provide all the tools necessary for sports fans to use it themselves. That’s because most services selling picks aren’t very reputable and the blackbox approach isn’t of much interest to me.

We’ve tried to find a “happy” balance between providing just the tools and enough guidance for those that don’t want to do the heavy lifting. And, Friday’s Get In and Win Two Minute Warning and on Wednesday’s Huddle will provide you with a lot of guidance.

Now, if you JUST want a quick overview (not gospel), I suggest just using the just the Value Ratings. It will get you 80% down the road in the handicapping and it’s way better than guessing. Once you get accustomed to it, it will take about 15 minutes each week to get handle on the weekend’s games.

Finally, remember, I send the Experts’ Value Ratings worksheet every Thursday, which includes my own personal Value Ratings, that I use every week myself. Once you become familiar with these tools, and are able to put in your own keen insight, you will be able to assess high value games in no time.

Good luck, have fun and may the odds be with you.

That is the major problem with giving out picks, and giving them early: the line always moves.

 That’s why I give you the tools to make the assessment yourself …because it’s virtually impossible to keep everyone up to date with all the line moves and player personnel changes.

 In the Playbooks and Tools section of the website, you’ll find the Margin of Safety Tables so you can track the adjustments yourself.

 Remember, the 5 Value Assessments in the 2 Minute Warning are meant to be a guide — not gospel — for you to make winning bets. To realistically hit on 60% over the long run, you’ll need to make more than 5 wagers per week, and some of the games I suggest on Friday may be “no plays” by Sunday or Monday night. On the other hand, some that are no plays on Friday, may be “plays” by Sunday or Monday depending on line moves.

 You can learn more about what it takes to hit a sustainable Win Rate of 60% and the Rule of Large Numbers in the Course. You can also learn how to use the Margin of Safety Wagering Chart in a 3 Minute Drill. Once you get the hang of it, I’m sure that you find that it’s fun and profitable.

In a standard even-odds point-spread bet, sports bettors risk say $100 to win $91. And the $9 difference Is the commission the Sports Book charges for facilitating the wager. Otherwise, a $100 wager should win a $100 on a standard bet. Regardless of who pays, know that it is a cost or reduction in your winnings that you need to be aware of when approaching sports wagering in a businesslike way.

The Get In and Win Premium monthly membership, is $49 per month, and gives you access to:

Get In and Win Weekly Stats – My weekly stats will save you at least 4 hours of time, gathering data (that is not always verified). And I upload my stats every Tuesday, so you can immediately begin analyzing last week’s gams, and forecasting the next week’s games. I upload my Weekly Stats every Tuesday by 5 PM.

Get In and Win Weekly Huddle – Every Wednesday, I go deep into a few games the previous week. My goal is to show you how to analyze the games with actual stats, and then, learn how to adjust your Value Ratings week to week. I upload my weekly huddle ever Wednesday by 5 PM.

Get In and Win Weekly 2 Minute Warning – Every Friday, before 5 PM, I will send an email, containing my 5 high value assessments for the week, as well as the games to pass on, where there is NO VALUE. As a bonus, I will give you injury updates and any Fantasy sleepers and values for the week…especially valuable if you play any daily fantasy like DraftKings and FanDuel.

You will not find these kind of proprietary tools anywhere, at this price. And remember, I teach you along the way, and am only an email away if you need help.

Yes, the VISTOR team is on the left, and the HOME Team is on the right. And in the first column, you put the Visitor’s Offensive stats, directly next to the opposing team’s defensive stats. In other words, Head to Head. And then, similarly, you do the same for the home Team.

It is important to make sure you actually INPUT the teams in their respective field, as the color-coding of the cells make it easier to see where you put each team.

Each Tuesday, I will post my Weekly Stats for the upcoming week. Remember, these stats contain all the necessary inputs for the Interactive Score Sheets, so that you can accurately predict the score of any upcoming game. If you ever get stuck on how to input the numbers, go to my 3 Minute Drill on the Score Sheets. One other thing; I will always send an email letting my Premium and Season Pass Members know that the Weekly Stats have been uploaded.


My High-Value assessments that you get each week in the Get In and Win Minute Warning are meant to serve as a guide for you to begin your own score prediction process. They are not picks, but rather my high value assessments, that I have done, with my own personal insight and judgements. And in every Two Minute Warning, you will receive 5 of my highest value assessments. Remember, The Get In and Win System is just that…a SYSTEM. If you are looking for someone to blindly give you weekly picks, with no system or algorithm to back it up, that is not me, nor my Get In and Win System.


If you want a quick way to evaluate each week’s games, using the Get In and Win Value Rating method only, and then shopping for the best line, yes, it will help you; let’s put it this way… it’s better than just guessing. But you’ll be leaving some money on the table by not going through the entire process. To really profit and manage your risk, you’ll need to make more you use my Get In and Win Stats, plug them into each game that you are looking at, and then, do exactly what I do each week in the Huddle.

Analyze the Top Down Point Spread (with the Value Ratings Worksheet), compare it to the Bottom Up Point Spread (from the Score Sheet); then, take the average of the point spreads, and then, get your best line, and determine if the bet has a 15% Margin of Safety or better. If you are unsure how to use the Margin of Safety tool, go back to the 3 Minute Drill on it.

Remember, lines move and things change as we get closer to kickoff, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for any changes that need to be made.

If you short cut any of the steps above, and simply use the Value Ratings as a point spread predictor, without using your own insight and judgement, you are not only cutting yourself short, you may be short on hitting that 60% win Rate.

The Get In and Win Sports Betting System introduces the serious sports fan to the exciting world of sports wagering, in a businesslike approach. It strips away the misconceptions surrounding sports betting and shows the activity for what it actually is – a legitimate game of skill that provides informed fans the chance to get off the sidelines and truly experience the thrill of winning the game alongside their favorite teams, players and coaches.

In my Changing the Game Course, I teach people how to be contrarian or businesslike in their approach, using the same time-tested analytics and methodology as top Wall Street Investors. And to do that, you FIRST need a complete sports betting system, based on sound mathematical theory and not hype. And that is exactly what the Get In and Win System will give you.

If you go to the Expert’s Value Rating Worksheet, located in the Value Ratings Tab in the Member area, and look in the left hand column, you will see my Value Ratings for each week’s games.

For example, in Week 2’s Expert Value Ratings, I had Arizona ranked as the #7 team. That means they had a Value Rating of 107 on the Value Rating scale. Now, you CAN simply fill in the Worksheet using my Ratings, but I strongly encourage you to use your own. The Experts Worksheet is there for you to use as a guide when establishing your own Value Ratings.

I set up the Get in and Win System to only require very little effort, especially if you use my Weekly Stats as your starting point. Like with investing, you do have to do your homework to get a winning edge. And just like with investing, the more you effort you put in, the better you will do over time.

If you watch the 3 Minute Drills in their numerical order, you will find that they are a step-by-step guide that will show you how to apply the entire system from start to finish.

And remember, my High-Value assessments that you get each week in the 2 Minute Warning are meant to serve as a guide for you to begin YOUR OWN score prediction process. And best of all, with all of the tools  and the stats I provide for you, you really can (and should) make the evaluations yourself. You don’t have to blindly follow me. My aim is to teach you how to think; not what to think. That way you can get in on the fun too!