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Get In and Win system kit

We offer two Pro Football Subscription Ticket Packages
Here is how it works:

Get In and Win basic package

Pro Football Basic Ticket

On-demand access to Bill’s Online Sports Betting Course

BONUS: The Pro Football Playbook

BONUS: The Score Prediction Guides

BONUS: Bill’s Value Ratings

FREE REPORT: 7 Deadly Sports Bets to Avoid

FREE REPORT: The Hidden Sports Betting Gem

FREE REPORT: The 7 Costliest Betting Mistakes

FREE REPORT: The Sports Bettor’s Insider Handbook

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Premium Sport Betting system

Pro Football Premium Ticket


Weekly Stats for every Pro Football Team

The Wednesday Weekly Huddle

The Two-Minute Warning

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What you get with the Get In & Win Pro Football
Basic Ticket Package!

Get In and Win online system

Immediate 24/7, On-demand access to Bill’s Online Sports Betting Course

You get seven online video modules. Showing you exactly how to use the Get In and Win System. Each on-demand video module is about 30 to 45 minutes and walks you through Bill Hall’s Get In and Win system, so you can be up, running and winning money before the next Pro Football week is over!

This FREE Bonus Trio… a $197 Value!

Pro Football value ratings

Bill’s Value Ratings
– $99 Value, Yours Free!

As part of this special offer, Bill has agreed to do a lot of the work for you, by updating his Value Ratings all season long and then emailing them to you every week. These Value Ratings will tell you in an instant, the teams that the numbers say are most likely to win … giving you a huge advantage over other bettors who are practically flying blind. And Bill does all the calculations for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Pro football score prediction guide

The Score Prediction Guides
– $49 Value, Yours Free!

You’ll use the Score Prediction Guides to forecast game scores … to calculate your own point spread for any game you want to bet on … and to decide whether or not the favorite is likely to beat the point spread posted by the sports books.

Pro Football Playbook

The Pro Football Playbook
– $49 Value, Yours Free!

This exclusive Playbook includes the Value Ratings worksheets, the Margin of Safety Tables and step-by-step instructions to supplement what you saw on video. Plus a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet so your computer can do all your calculations for you. You just have to plug in a few numbers and your computer does the rest.

Better yet,
you’ll also receive a valuable collection
of 4 FREE Reports valued at $116…

Football betting system report

Report #1: 7 Deadly Sports Bets to Avoid

This football season, make smarter betting decisions and avoid the costly mistakes that trip up most sports bettors!

In this FREE special report, you’ll discover seven common sports bets where the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you … and you’re practically guaranteed to lose your money.

Hidden Sports Betting Gem

Report #2: The Hidden Sports Betting Gem that Will Make You a Richer Fantasy Player

only a mere 1.3% of all daily fantasy players ever make any money! Yet millions of players are unaware of how firmly the odds are stacked against them.

Plus, you’ll discover a special type of sports bet…with much better odds of winning that when done right…is far more profitable.

Costliest Betting Mistakes

Report #3: The 7 Costliest Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s critical for you to avoid the common mistakes that lead so many bettors to squander their stakes on bad bets.
Fortunately, these mistakes are easily avoided once you know what they are. And you’ll quickly find yourself winning more bets and putting more money in your pocket as you dramatically increase the quality of your bets.

The Sports Bettor’s Insider Handbook

Report #4: The Sports Bettor’s Insider Handbook

This report will get you up to speed quickly with a glossary of every sports betting term you’re likely to come across.

You’ll also get a complete explanation of the numbers and stats you see when you go to a Vegas or online sports book.

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Or, step up to the Get In & Win Pro Football
Premium Ticket Package
and tilt the odds even more in your favor

Get Everything in the Basic Ticket Package, plus…

Score Prediction Guide

Weekly Stats for every Pro Football Team – a $79 value!

A FREE one-month subscription to Bill Hall’s Weekly Stats. You’ll receive superior, verified and accurate stats, so you can fill in the Score Prediction Guide quickly and easily, and be able to predict the final score of each game you’re betting on. For Pro Football, this includes rushing yards, receiving yards, passing yards, turnovers, time of possession, and MORE!

Pro Football Season Report

The Wednesday Weekly Huddle – a $49 value!

Every Wednesday throughout the entire 2016-17 Pro Football Season and Playoffs, you’re invited to join Bill on a LIVE webinar where he’ll go deep on:

  • Winners and losers of the past week
  • This week’s games/bets with the highest value
  • This week’s games to pass on

Pro Football Betting Report

The Two-Minute Warning – a $49 value!

Every Friday, you’ll get an email with late breaking news on injury reports, weather updates, insider reports anything else that might impact that weekend’s Pro Football betting lines. Your Friday Two-Minute Warning Email will also include Bill’s:

  • Top 5 Fantasy Sleepers of the Week
  • Top 5 High Margin of Safety Picks
  • Top 5 Games with the Highest Risk

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You practically get winning bets
handed to you on a silver platter
at an astonishingly low price!

So, if you’d like to turn your love of sports into a compound money machine — enough to turn $1,000 into $8,000 over the next year … and $64,000 in two years … and quickly make up for any betting losses you’ve suffered in the past… then Get In and Win is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Turn your passion for sports into a compound money machine

Imagine how much more fun you’ll have watching sports and reading the sports pages when you’re actually making money right alongside your favorite teams, players and coaches — especially when your winnings begin to pile up.

As you’ve seen, with Bill Hall’s Get In and Win System, you can turn a $1,000 stake into $8,000 into just one year … $64,000 in two years … and $512,000 in three.

And you only have to win 60% of your bets to make that happen.

All you have to do is plug a few numbers into the Get in and Win Playbook and Sports Prediction Guides and you’ll know exactly where to place your bets. And exactly how much to bet to protect your stake and make it grow.

To get started, simply click on the order button below right now. You’ll be taken directly to the registration page.

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